about me

I am a 20-something former Au Pair (in the USA) now student.
I am a native German so English is just my second language.
This blog used to be named "A labcoat, some textbooks, a calculator and loooot's of coffee".
My field are the sciences, and my time at university includes frequent sessions in the lab, hence the labcoat. Of course we use textbooks as well as calculators. :)
The coffee is self explaining I guess. :)
I started this blog because I had a blog during my Au Pair time and I kind of missed writing (and getting comments of course! :) )
I ♥ comments.
I am quite new to the big blogger world though because my Au Pair blog was within an Au Pair community, so readers and comments were almost granted. :)
I like to read, surf the internet, travel (I would love to go back to the States! ), concerts (mostly rock and punk) and I LOVE all CSI shows but my favorite show is NCIS. I do like Numb3rs too though.
I also love shopping and because I am a student on a budget
I can't do as I would like toI am always looking for a good deal.
My favorite store is TK Maxx which is related to TJ Maxx in the US.

I am a single but not desperately looking for a significant other. In my opinion it is like buying shoes, If you actually look for some you won't find any. :)
So I just keep my eyes open. :)

What can you expect on here?
Mostly stories from my daily life, the occasional rant or funny story that I come across...

This blog used to be named "Life is what happens while I make other plans" but my life is pretty well back on track now.
As of 10/08/10 this blog has a new name, yet again, but I think this will be it for the next two years. :)